The Patients Recovery Home

The wounded people are our family who needs care, that is why, Souriyat Across Borders decided to establish a recovery centre to provide medical and psychological support for them.
This centre receives patients with all kind of injuries, who need physio therapy , or amputees. Priority is always given to patients with fresh injuries because the percentage of their full recovery is higher, priority is also given to patients with missing limbs who never received any artificial limb from any organization before.
The patient stays in the centre, he is offered food and accommodation along with medical care, and physiotherapy , that is why, the centre management provided all machines needed, and qualified physiotherapists who receive training courses constantly. And in the case of decapitation , the suitable artificial limb is constructed in one of the construction centers in Amman.
Out patients are treated also in the centre, they are offered physiotherapy and transportation.
With God’s blessing our centre received until now more than 150 patients including men, women, and children.
By implementing the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation, and unity between the management and the staff and the patients we could help them psychologically , we also take them for recreation

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